Getting Here

The easiest and quickest way to get to Anguilla is to fly directly to St. Maarten Princess Julianna International Airport (SXM) and then take a 20 minute ferry ride or a 10 min plane ride to AXA. Most major airports offer direct flights on a regular basis.
Alternatively, you can fly to Puerto Rico or Antigua and then take a flight to AXA

  • By Air

    Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport is easily accessible by air, through our main gateways Puerto Rico, St. Maarten/Martin, Antigua and St. Kitts.

    From Puerto Rico, Anguilla is just a one-hour direct flight via Seaborne Airlines. Our closest gateway is St. Maarten/Martin.  From here Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport is just a seven-minute flight via Trans Anguilla, Anguilla Air Services or private charter.

    St. Maarten is serviced by most major international carriers including American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, United, Delta, Jet Blue, Air Canada, Air Transat (charter), Sky Service, West Jet, Air France, KLM, Copa, Corsair, and more.

    From Antigua, LIAT provides one scheduled flight per day into Anguilla.  Private air charters are also available to and from Antigua, St. Kitts and from various islands throughout the Caribbean.

  • By Sea

    Ferry Services from St. Maarten to Anguilla

    Option #1:

    Marigot Ferry Service

    Large Ferry Boats
    Cost: $20 per person + $5 government tax
    Schedule: Ferries leave every 45mins
    Transit time to Anguilla: 8 minute taxi ride to Marigot plus 20 minute ferry ride to Anguilla
    No reservations required

    Visit Anguilla Ferries to learn more!
    Option #2

    Simpson Bay Shuttle Service

    Small power boats
    Cost: Prices vary
    Schedule: Independant schedules
    Transit time to Anguilla: 2 minute shuttle bus ride plus 20 minute speed boat ride
    Reservations recommended

  • By Air

    Plane Services

    Anguilla Air Charter

    Tel: +1 (264) 584-5387 OR +1 (264) 235-5387
    Fax: +1 (264) 498-5387
    [email protected]

    Anguilla Air Express

    Tel: 1 (264) 498-5056 OR +1 (866) 966-1881
    [email protected]

    Anguilla Air Services

    Tel: +1 (264) 498-5922 OR +1 (264) 235-7122
    [email protected]


    Tel: +1 (264) 497-5000 OR +1 (888) 844-5428
    [email protected]

    Lloyd’s Aviation Services

    Tel: +1 (264) 498-4141
    [email protected]

    Rainbow International Airlines

    Tel: +1 (340) 714-1881

    Trans Anguilla

    Tel: +1 (264) 497-8690 OR +1 (917) 338-3642
    [email protected]

  • By Sea

    Charter Boat Services

    Funtime Charters

    Tel: +1 (264) 497-6511 OR +1 (866) 334-0047
    [email protected]

    Calypso Charters

    Tel: +1 (264) 584-8504
    [email protected]

    GB Express

    Tel: +1 (264) 235-6205/7010 OR +1 (321) 406-0414
    [email protected]

    Link Ferry

    Tel: +1 (264) 729-0654 OR +1 (264) 235-3290
    After hours, call +1 (264) 497-2231
    [email protected]

    Shauna Ferries

    Tel: +1 (264) 476-0975 OR +1 (264) 772-2031/0542
    [email protected]